The activities of the Electronics and Measurement Research Group concern different subjects involving Analog and Digital Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Measurement, Reliability, Applied Mathematics and, for the electrochemical sensors analysis and development, Physics and Chemistry.

This activity concerns the analysis, design and characterization of measurement systems or devices based on different sensor technologies to be used for Industrial Applications. It comprises the study and modeling of those physical problems related to the measurement tasks, even considering hazardous environments.

Detailed Research Activities

The research activities focus on the following topics:

  • Design of autonomous measurement systems based on stand-alone hardware controllers equipped with FPGAs;
  • Analysis and characterization of measurement systems based on capacitive sensors to measure dynamic clearance;
  • Analysis and characterization of measurement systems based on charge sensors to detect air flow charged debris;
  • Theoretical analysis, design methods and techniques to measure the angular vibrations of rotating shafts using contactless probes.

IEEE keywords

Amplifiers; Computerized Instrumentation; Displacement measurement; Capacitance measurement; Electrostatic measurements; Frequency-domain analysis; Measurement techniques; Torque Measurement; Particle measurements; Computerized monitoring; 

ERC keywords

PE7_1 Control engineering

PE7_2 Electrical and electronic engineering: semiconductors, components, systems

PE7_3 Simulation engineering and modelling

PE7_4 Systems engineering, sensorics, actorics, automation

PE7_7 Signal processing

Selected Publications

  • Addabbo, T., Biondi, R., Cioncolini, S., Fort, A., Rossetti, F., Vignoli, V. "A Zero-Crossing Detection System Based on FPGA to Measure the Angular Vibrations of Rotating Shafts", (2014) IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement. Article in Press.
  • Addabbo, T., Fort, A., Biondi, R., Cioncolini, S., Mugnaini, M., Rocchi, S., Vignoli, V., "Measurement of angular vibrations in rotating shafts: Effects of the measurement setup nonidealities", (2013) IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, 62 (3), art. no. 6328275, pp. 532-543.

Technical Reports

Several technical reports has been produced within the collaborations of the Research Group with industries and companies, under non-disclosure agreement.