The activities of the Electronics and Measurement Research Group concern different subjects involving Analog and Digital Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Measurement, Reliability, Applied Mathematics and, for the electrochemical sensors analysis and development, Physics and Chemistry.

The research is focused in the solution of problems involving different and linked aspects of both reliability and safety. The unit has worked on both theoretical and practical problems providing solutions applicable to different contexts.

In particular the following can be cited:

  1. Reliability and safety studies connected to Railway applications;
  2. Advanced availability modelling of Oil and Gas Plants;
  3. Maintainability and Fault identification on complex systems.

Detailed Research Activities

The research activities focus on the following topics:

  • The reliability and design for safety of specific instruments has been conducted according to the IEC61508 and connected Standards with reference to electrical and electronics and programmable electronics devices;
  • IEC 61511 standards have been applied to practical cases of the Oil and gas industry
  • Theoretical modelling of complex reliable and available systems have been formulated through Markov chains and Petri nets;
  • Formulation of reliability modelling through Blocksim software has been extensively conducted exploiting several available database (MIL HDBK 271 F, Italtel, OREDA, BellCore etc…).
  • EN 50126, EN50128, EN50129 reliability and availability modelling exploited to solve and model railway based design.

IEEE keywords

Reliability, Design for Safety, Availability, Fault Identification, Diagnosis, Prognostics, Design for Maintainability.

ERC keywords

PE1_13 Probability and statistics PE7_2 Electrical and electronic engineering: semiconductors, components, systems PE8_6 Energy systems (production, distribution, application)

Selected Publications

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