The activities of the Electronics and Measurement Research Group concern different subjects involving Analog and Digital Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Measurement, Reliability, Applied Mathematics and, for the electrochemical sensors analysis and development, Physics and Chemistry.

The research activity concerns the study and development of different chemical sensors, and chemical sensor based measurement systems. In this context a large amount of research work is devoted to the characterization and modeling of Metal Oxide (MOX) sensors, in collaboration with chemistry researchers of the universities of Siena and of Florence. In the past years, a versatile system for the characterization of conductometric sensors was developed.

Another field of investigation concerns the use of sensors and bio-sensors based on Quartz Chemical Microbalances (QCM). The experience gained during the last years in this research field, brought the LEEME laboratory to develop sensor-based systems with a high degree of flexibility, accuracy and measurement speed.

Detailed Research Activities

The research activities focus on the following topics: 

To study and characterize different gas sensing materials for the design of solid state gas sensors, the Electronics and Measurement Reserach Group developed a versatile measurement system housed in the Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Measurement Laboratory at the Department of Information Engineering and Mathematical Sciences, University of Siena. The system is suitable for the characterization of different kind of sensors. Recently, it has been used for conductometric metal oxide gas sensors and quartz crystal micro-balances (QCMs). Click here for a detailed description of the system.

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